Build a Connected Supply Chain by Unlocking SAP

August 2022

As manufacturing organizations grow in complexity, so does the need for complete visibility into an integrated supply chain. Rather than relying on creating complex integrations that can be inefficient, organizations can leverage reusable APIs to expose data from business-critical systems like SAP. Leveraging reusable APIs across the supply chain helps improve the customer experience and allows users to make better-informed decisions in real-time.

In this demo, you will learn how to unlock your data from SAP with MuleSoft using reusable APIs. We will show the power of MuleSoft with three specific use cases within Supply Chain.

Rethink Supply Chain Management with a Digital Supply HQ

September 2022

Learn how manufacturers are using Salesforce to create a single, trusted supply chain engagement layer. Improve data visibility and insight, streamline processes, and collaborate with your partners.

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October 2020

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MAY 26TH, 2020

Linking Data with MuleSoft